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CSIS Seminar

FingerPIN: A Novel Authentication Scheme Combining Fingerprints and Numeric PINs

Speaker:   Tanmoy Chowdhury, George Mason University
When:   April 12, 2019, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Where:   Research Hall, Suite 417


Biometric authentication is being increasingly adopted in a wide range of applications such as law enforcement and immigration due its numerous advantages over traditional password-based authentication. In particular for fingerprint-based systems, the ease of use and low error rates have been contributing to their success. However, some significant concerns still exist, which can potentially hinder further adoption of this technology. A subject's fingerprint is permanently associated with an individual and, once stolen or compromised, it cannot be replaced. To address this concern, we propose a novel authentication scheme that integrates type 1 and type 3 authentication factors into a fingerprint-based PIN, thus offering a new approach to multi-factor authentication. Furthermore, we carry out an experimental vulnerability analysis of the proposed scheme and discuss a solution to mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities.

Speaker Bio

Tanmoy Chowdhury is a PhD student working with Prof. Emanuela Marasco.