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Faculty and Staff

Sushil Jajodia, Ph.D.

Professor & Director

Sushil Jajodia is University Professor, BDM International Professor, and the founding director of Center for Secure Information Systems in the College of Engineering and Computing at the George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. He is also the director of the NSF IUCRC Center for Cybersecurity Analytics and Automation (CCAA). 

Dr. Jajodia has made research contributions to diverse aspects of security and privacy, including access control, multilevel secure databases, vulnerability analysis, moving target defense, cloud security, and steganography, as well as replicated and temporal databases and algebraic topology.  He has authored or coauthored seven books, edited 53 books and conference proceedings, and published more than 500 technical papers in the refereed journals and conference proceedings.  He is also a holder of 28 patents, 17 of which have been licensed by successful startups.  He is a fellow of ACM, IEEE, and IFIP; and recipient of numerous awards including the IEEE Computer Society W. Wallace McDowell Award.  According to the Google Scholar, he has over 50,000 citations and his h-index is 112.  He has supervised 27 doctoral dissertations; thirteen of these graduates hold academic positions while rest are in successful industrial positions.  

Web: http://csis.gmu.edu/jajodia

        Sushil Jajodia

Massimiliano Albanese, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Associate Director

Massimiliano Albanese is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology, and the Center's Associate Director.

Dr. Albanese holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II. He joined the University of Maryland in 2006 as a Faculty Research Assistant before joining George Mason University in 2011. At George Mason University, Dr. Albanese‚Äôs research interests have focused on Modeling and Detection of Cyber Attack, Network Hardening, Moving Target Defense, and Adaptive Cyber Defense. He is Co-PI o PI on funded projects totaling about $9.5M. Dr. Albanese holds a U.S. Patent and has co-authored a book and over 60 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. He is one of the three recipients of the 2014 Mason Emerging Researcher/Scholar/Creator Award, one of the most prestigious honors at Mason.

Web: http://csis.gmu.edu/albanese

        Massimiliano Albanese

Kun Sun, Ph.D.

Professor & Associate Director

Kun Sun is a Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology. He is the Associate Director of CSIS. He is also the director of Sun Security Laboratory. He joined George Mason University after serving as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the College of William and Mary. He has more than 15 years of working experience in both industry and academia.

Kun Sun received his Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. His research focuses on systems and network security. The main thrusts of his research include trusted computing systems, moving target defense, software security, Internet security, AI/ML security, and cloud security. He published over 120 technical papers on security conferences and journals including IEEE S&P, ACM CCS, USENIX Security, NDSS, RAID, ACSAC, IEEE DSN, ESORICS, IEEE TDSC, and IEEE TIFS, and two papers won the Best Paper Award.

Web: http://csis.gmu.edu/ksun

        Kun Sun


Emanuela Marasco, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Emanuela Marasco is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology. Before joining George Mason University, she was an Adjunct Professor and a Post-doctoral Researcher in Pattern Recognition and Biometrics at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Department of Computer Science. From 2011-2014, Dr. Marasco was a post-doctoral Associate Researcher in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University. She received a five-year degree (Bachelor and M.Sc.) in Computer Engineering, in March 2006, and a PhD in Computer and Automation Engineering, in December 2010, both from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.  Her research interests focus on pattern recognition, machine learning, image processing, computer vision, and biometrics. Specifically, she is addressing vulnerabilities and challenges of biometric systems through design and development of: (1) anti-spoofing countermeasures in fingerprint recognition systems, (2) algorithms for automatic enhancement of fingerprint sensor interoperability to maintain data independence from underlying device, (3) image de-identification techniques for privacy enhancement, (4) automatic estimation of soft biometrics (e.g., age, gender) from fingerprints, and (5) adaptive schemes for human identification based on degraded DNA samples. her current sponsors are NSF, DHS and DARPA.

        Emanuela Marasco


Zhisheng Yan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Zhisheng Yan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science and Technology, School of Computing, at George Mason University. He leads the Mason immErsive meDia computIng and Applications Lab (MEDIA Lab). Previously, he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Georgia State University and a visiting researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Yan received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. His research focuses on the systems and security issues of immersive computing systems, such as VR, AR, imaging, and video systems. His research has been recognized by several awards, including NSF CRII Award, ACM SIGMM Best PhD Thesis Award, University at Buffalo CSE Best Dissertation Award, ACM HotMobile'18 Best Demo Award, and IEEE HealthCom'14 Best Student Paper Runner-up.

Web: https://mason.gmu.edu/~zyan4/

        Zhisheng Yan  

Rajesh Ganesan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Rajesh Ganesan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research. Dr. Ganesan received his Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from the University of South Florida in 2005. His current research interests are in stochastic optimization (dynamic resource allocation using approximate dynamic programming), quality and statistics (feature detection and function approximation in high-dimensional data), and enginering education in K-12.

Web: http://mason.gmu.edu/~rganesan/

        Rajesh Ganesan  

Hemant Purohit, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Purohit is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Wright State University in Ohio in 2015, while also working at the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing before joining Mason. His current research interests are focused on addressing the fundamental problem of information overload from large-scale offline and online information sources for an individual, by modeling behavior of intentionality and comprehension using semantic computing, text mining, and applied machine learning approaches.

Web: http://ist.gmu.edu/~hpurohit

        Hemant Purohit

Sadegh Torabi, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sadegh Torabi is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CSIS and a member of the Sun Security Laboratory. Sadegh's research focuses on various aspects of Operational Cybersecurity for IoT & Cyber-Physical Systems. His recent work includes topics such as Container Security, assessing the security of EV charging station management system, and detection/characterization of malicious executables (e.g., IoT Malware & Ransomware) using next-generation Deep Learning models.

Sadegh received his Ph.D. degree in Information Systems Engineering (with Outstanding Ranking) from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He also received his M.Sc. from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. During his Ph.D., Sadegh was a member of the Security Research Centre at Concordia University, where he received several awards and scholarships such as the Abdul-Aziz Hariri Graduate Scholarship in Cyber Security and the Carolyn and Brian Neysmith Graduate Scholarship.

Web: http://mason.gmu.edu/~storabi

        Sadegh Torabi

Janet DuBose

Administrative Assistant

Janet joined the Center in January 2019 after a sales career with Bloomberg Industry Group.  She manages the operations of our unit and provides support to our faculty members, research students and visiting scholars.