January 23, 2018

DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program: Apply by Feb. 12

The Department of Defense is seeking graduate and doctoral students who are interested in full-ride scholarships for concentrated studies in Cybersecurity. Scholarships will cover the following:

Information Assurance scholars must agree to some restrictions and obligations regarding curriculum, GPA, and pre- and postprogram employment. If all conditions are met, scholars will receive full-time conditional/permanent positions in Components of the DoD upon program completion.

Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements:

To submit an application, integrate all the required documents into a single MS Word file and e-mail it to irytikov@gmu.edu. The application should consist of the following items:

1. The IASP Student Application completely filled out and signed (see Attachment D).

2. Separate sheet highlighting Recognitions, Honors and Awards (see page 5 of Attachment D). You may attach a separate sheet of plain 8 ½” x 11” paper on which you record your responses or the continuations of your responses. On each such page, indicate your name.

3. Supplemental Academic Sufficiency Statement (see pages 4-10 of Attachment D). You must complete the Statement of Academic Sufficiency supplement to the OF612, to which you must attach the following additional supplemental statements:

The deadline to submit applications is February 12, 2018.

We encourage students to submit their applications as early as possible to increase their chances of being selected for the scholarship.

Note: If you do not have the Cyber Security concentration declared, fill out the top part of the Change of Program form (http://registrar.gmu.edu/wp-content/uploads/GCP.pdf ) and send it to msait@gmu.edu before applying for the scholarship.