May 29, 2019

One paper accepted by RAID 2019
One paper titled "Fingerprinting SDN Applications via Encrypted Control Traffic" has been accepted by RAID 2019. 

May 3, 2019

Mason was named n.1 in Governors' Cyber Talent Discovery Program.

March 5, 2019

GraMSec 2019
Dr. Albanese will co-chair the 6th International Workshop on Graphical Models for Security

March 4, 2019

Two papers accepted by DSN 2019.
One full paper titled "SATIN: A Secure and Trustworthy Asynchronous Introspection on Multi-Core ARM Processors" accepted by DSN 2019. 

One short paper titled "Detecting "0-Day" Vulnerability: An Empirical Study of Secret Security Patch in OSS" accepted by DSN 2019. 


January 19, 2019

One paper accepted by USENIX Security'19
One paper titled "The CrossPath Attack: Disrupting the SDN Control Channel via Shared Links" has been accepted by USENIX Security19.